Clara Schroepfer ‘20


Do you have an interest in current international issues? Would you like to improve your public speaking skills in a fun, energizing environment? If so, then Model United Nations might be the extracurricular activity for you. Model United Nations (MUN) is an organization that holds simulations of the United Nations for high schoolers. Participants debate and argue over important current political issues in councils, each representing a delegation from a different country. Members are able to deepen their knowledge of current world issues, practice and improve skills in public speaking and negotiation, and meet other high schoolers from all over Colorado (yes, ladies, even boys).

Last year, SMA’s Model United Nations team dwindled to the point where no more than eight girls would attend a single meet. As both a MUN Secretary General-in-training and a contributing writer to The Quill, I’ve decided to use my knowledge and influence to bring light to this issue.

As a Secretary General I am in charge of recruiting new members, and have noticed a similar pattern in the girls who have denied recruitment. I had initially thought that interest in MUN was low, but that clearly wasn’t the case. I’ve learned that there are many people who would indeed like to join the club. Additionally, most girls lead incredibly busy lives and are certain that their busy schedules cannot possibly fit MUN.

I’ve determined that there is a common misconception within the High School about MUN. Many believe that MUN takes extensive time and commitment; in particular, most seem to believe that MUN is as demanding as Mock Trial. In reality, MUN has a relatively low level of commitment and you can even participate in the club while playing a sport or other extracurricular. There are no after school meetings or events, and meets are only held once a month on Saturdays, and we usually meet the Tuesday before each meet to finalize minor details during lunch. The preparation required includes reading over the background guide for your council available on the MUN website, doing some research about the topic, and writing a two-paragraph position paper to present to the judges for points- while that may sound daunting, the overall process doesn’t take too long (in fact, most club members admit to preparing entirely at the last minute on Friday night). Team members are required to attend a minimum of only 2-3 meets per year to receive credit for the club – if you can’t make it, don’t sweat it.

So, if you were previously dissuaded from joining MUN by illusions of commitment, please consider joining! We wish to build the club back to its former glory- the SMA MUN team has always been regarded as a strong, award-winning team. It’s also a great resume-builder and tons of fun!

If you’re interested in joining, talk to our sponsors Mrs. Bard and Mrs. Evans, or email either Erin Curly or Sarah Burkeholder. We look forward to the coming year and would love to welcome some new additions to the team!