Rachel Most 18′

Kenneka Jenkins was 19 when she froze to death in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Illinois on September 9th, 2017. She and her friends had been at the Crowne Plaza for a party. A series of videos from the hotel’s security show Jenkins wandering around the hotel alone, physically and visually impaired from alcohol. She was last seen on camera footage alone at 3:32 AM in the hotel kitchen. There is no released footage of her entering the hotel storage freezer where her body was found the next day.

The young teen appeared lost as she wandered through the hotel this last Saturday, and had trouble holding herself up and remaining stable. Although her friends had noticed her absence and had notified her parents, it is both unsettling and disturbing that not only was Kenneka separated from her friends, but also the hotel staff were not around to assist her.

As teenage girls, we must be aware of the dangerous risks of both underage drinking and leaving a friend alone at night. Jenkins’s tragic death serves as a lesson to SMA, as well as other young communities. It is of the utmost importance to stay in groups at all times and to make smart decisions when it comes to going out with friends, especially at a young age.