Zoe Holland 21’
They’re finally here! Apple announced two new iPhones earlier this month. The two phones are the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The biggest announcement has to be the iPhone X. No, it’s not pronounced, “ecks,” but it is pronounced “10”, like the roman numeral. Here are all the important new features.

Before the exciting IPhone X, I’ll start with the IPhone 8. It is quite similar to the IPhone 7, but there are some differences. One of the major changes is the material the case is all glass, not aluminum like previous phones. It also includes wireless charging which is a pretty big deal. The IPhone 8 and IPhone 8 Plus are the same sizes as the previous phones, but they have a Retina HD display which is pretty cool. Finally, it has augmented reality. That’s about it for the IPhone 8 and IPhone 8 Plus.

Now to the most exciting announcement, the iPhone X. One of the huge features is the screen, because there is no home button. It’s 5.8 inches long and has an OLED display. Instead of the usual Touch ID to get into your phone, it uses facial recognition, called Truedepth camera, instead. The phone also uses the Truedepth camera to pay for things using Apple Pay and this weird new called Animoji. Also, it has a crazy new camera that is apparently better than any other. Another new feature is that is uses the A11 Bionic, which is a very smart and powerful chip. Like the iPhone 8, it has wireless charging, it also has an even longer battery life.