Charlotte Dean 18′

In August of 2017, a disturbing video of an East high school cheerleader being forced into the splits surfaced into the media. During the first week of a summer cheerleading camp, an incoming freshman, Ally Wakefield, was forced into the splits. The video of her being pushed into the splits features her repeatedly saying “No, please stop”. The video shows very clearly that she is in immense pain. Also shown is the East high cheer coach Ozell Williams, holding Wakefield down by her shoulders, with teammates holding her legs. In an interview with Denver post, the mother of Ally said that she had injuries from the incident. Also reported, her mother’s complaints about about what happened to her daughter were ignored by the school for two months. Since her unfortunate injury Ally has quit the cheer team. Coach williams has since been fired and principal Andy Mendelsberg and sports director Lisa Porter are both on leave. DPS is currently under fire for this horrific scandal, and the state of East high and DPS is up in the air.

Update: as of Friday September 23rd, Andy Mendelsberg has officially retired and athletics director Lisa Porter has officially resigned.