Featured image from The LA Times.

By Hannah Siegel ‘19

San Bernardino, a city all too familiar with the trauma of shootings, has suffered another tragic homicidal shooting that has taken the lives of two local children.

Cedric Anderson, a father of special needs children himself, was visiting his wife when he opened fire upon a special education classroom. According to the latest report from CNN, “Anderson fired 10 shots from a Smith and Wesson .357 revolver” and showed no sympathy. After taking the lives of his wife and the lives of two children, Anderson directed his final shot towards himself.

The North Park Elementary community has rallied around the tragedy, though fear has begun to travel throughout the school district. San Bernardino has suffered several previous attacks, including a December 2015 office party shooting with fourteen fatalities.

However, thanks to all the community support and student’s desire to return to class, North Park Elementary School is reopening Monday, April 17th, one week later. Dale Marsden, the superintendent of the San Bernardino School District, is attempting to rally national support around this tragedy. During a video message recorded by the Los Angeles Times, Marsden stated the following:

“As you know our children need us now more than ever,” he said. “We’re their role models, teachers, companions, support. We’ll endure and make it through this heartbreaking ordeal together as a family. We need to draw strength from each other and find ways each day to find hope, strength and encouragement to our entire North Park community and the city San Bernardino.”